With over forty years experience in investigations John was a senior detective officer with a major UK police force. He was also seconded to New Scotland Yard and specialist government departments. His expertise has been exploited by many UK and overseas bodies including the US State Department for Justice and Interpol where he has practiced and advised on many major enquiries. John has led major investigations into numerous homicides and other serious crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping, terrorism, blackmail and serious sexual offences. With specialist skills in crime scene investigation, interviewing, none verbal communications and covert investigation techniques John’s expertise and guidance in assisting you to bring your chosen murder mystery to a successful conclusion will prove unique and invaluable.


Michael spent 30 years with a metropolitan UK police force where he rose to the rank of Detective Inspector. He was involved in many major criminal investigations and after becoming a qualified senior investigating officer he led some of those investigations. During his time with the police he was a trainer at a regional detective training school where he developed and trained courses in investigation and interview skills.

Since leaving the police Michael has developed and delivered training courses in the UK and overseas for police forces and other law enforcement agencies. Clients he has worked with include; The state police of Bosnia and Herzogovina, Singapore Anti-Corruption Unit, Dubai and Saudi police and Slovakian border and customs force. In the UK he has worked with KPMG forensic accountants, benefit fraud investigators, the charity commission and the Independent Police Complaints Commission. More recently Michael has worked as an investigator and compliance manager with regulatory bodies in the UK. Michael has also worked in Jordan, India and Abu Dhabi for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He has also assisted with the investigation and aftermath of air industry disasters in Libya and France.

Michael has a bachelor’s degree awarded by the Open University and is also a qualified teacher. His training skills and extensive knowledge of criminal investigation and procedure will ensure that you are in good hands as you are guided through one of our scenarios. Michael enjoys his work and his infectious sense of fun will ensure that your detective experience will be as enjoyable as possible. 

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