Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you do comedy murder mysteries?

No, although this is a very social event the actual investigation is a serious business. There are other companies that specialise in comedy or pantomime type murder mysteries if that's your preference, but we prefer to focus on a detailed, true to life murder enquiry which allows you to experience being an authentic Murder Squad detective.

How many characters are there in a murder mystery evening?

There are usually six role players. On arrival you will be given a programme of events which will contain a brief profile of each role player accompanied by a photograph.

Will I be given a part to play and how involved will I be?

There may be occasions when we ask a guest to be a role player but not usually and you will not be under any pressure to do any acting or anything embarrassing in front of others. We want you to be relaxed and enjoy your evening or weekend without feeling pressurised.

How will we find clues?

By interviewing the role players and examining all other evidence. There will be briefings throughout your event when additional evidence may become available but in the main the crucial detection will be made by you skilfully interviewing the role players and reviewing all evidential exhibits.

Are there clues in the role players’ possessions?

Possibly, and you can request to see the property held in role players pockets, briefcases, handbags or luggage.

Is there only one murderer?

Usually there will be only one culprit but there may be accomplices.

Is there only one victim?

Not necessarily, there may be multiple victims and the murderer may have killed before.

What is the dress code?

Usually smart casual or how you would expect a real detective to dress (collar and tie), however, you can wear pretty much whatever you feel comfortable in.

Do I have to wear fancy dress?


Will there be much blood?

That depends on the nature of the offence but you will visit the scene and it may not be pleasant.......

What is the average age of guests at one of your events?

Our events are designed for adults over the age of 18 years.

DO YOU DO Private Events?

Please contact us to discuss any private, individually tailored murder mystery event.

How many people can I bring to my event?

We can arrange a private murder mystery event for any group of 18 up to around 100

What do you provide?

We provide all role players, evidence, administrative documents and any other props. We will work with any caterers you wish to arrange for your event and we  can also arrange a suitable venue.

Do you need a stage?

No, we can pretty much work anywhere.

Do my guests play characters?

No, all characters are played by role players.

Do my guests have to dress up?

No, not unless they want to!

Is there a prize?

There will be a presentation of a winners certificate and a prize at the end of each event.

What are the usual timings for an evening?

An evening would be over the course of a four or five course meal with the role players alternating between tables for each course. They will enjoy a meal with you. We can adapt our evenings to your requirements, so, if you would like a disco or similar following an event we can arrange to bring the investigation to a conclusion earlier than usual.

What plots do you have?

We have a number of plots and can advise you which one we feel may best suit your event.

Do you do children’s parties?

No, sorry, over 18’s only

Do you do events for schools?

Parents fundraisers and similar but our offerings are not suitable for under 18’s.