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Do you have what it takes?

Why choose a Murder Squad murder mystery event over all of the others available? Because we’re unique, and here’s why...

There are many, many murder mystery events on offer but none like those delivered by the Murder Squad. That’s because there’s no hint of Agatha Christie pantomime type scenarios with people collapsing into their soup at your dinner table, instead, you’re guided through a real life murder incident room by real Murder Squad detectives, ex-police officers who have actually coordinated murder investigations and been at the sharp end of criminal investigation.

Do you like TV and film crime dramas like 'Line of Duty', 'Broadchurch' or 'Prime Suspect'? Do you enjoy solving the case and spoiling the outcome for your friends or family by telling them who did it? Then why not put your skills to a real test with a Murder Squad murder mystery event based on a real case?                


Murder Squad is an immersive group experience that takes you to the heart of a particular homicide enquiry.

Attend one of our events and you will become a CID detective officer on the Murder Squad for the duration of your chosen scenario. You will be under the guidance of former senior police detective officers who will guide you through the scenario which will be drawn from real case files.


Using a selection of cases, all based on real investigations, you will experience what it is really like to be an integral part of fast moving, ever changing, Murder Squad enquiry. You will be schooled in interview techniques, reading NVC’s (none verbal communications) and linking suspects and entities, REAL police detective techniques.

Your experience can be for an evening only and is usually at a venue where you will enjoy splendid hospitality and quality food whilst conducting your investigations. Alternatively you can choose a weekender package where you will stay overnight and help us to solve one of the more complex cases.

Whichever you choose you can be assured that you are experiencing as near to the real thing as possible. So, why wait? Come along with a group of friends, colleagues or family and become a fully fledged Murder Squad detective.



Remember that aside from social occasions, Murder Squad events are fantastic for team building and company reward days - so why not give one of our Senior Investigating Officers a call today to arrange your tailored event?


There will be a murder during your event, that’s a given, and during the course of the evening a number of role players will play the suspects or ‘POI’s (persons of interest). It will be your job to interview each role player and piece together all evidence relating to the crime. Role players will move from table to table over the course of your event and you will assess all other evidence such as forensic and photographic exhibits. Regular briefings will be given by the SIO (Senior Investigating Officer) as the scenario will be fast moving and ever changing. You will ultimately arrest and charge an offender and the true identity of the guilty party will be revealed.

On arrival you will be welcomed and attend an initial briefing where you will be shown photographs, video recordings and any other pertinent briefing material. You will be invited to ask questions to set you on your way before the action begins. You will interview all of the suspects who will respond in a realistic way and may display pertinent NVC’s (non-verbal communications) or deception signals and only the actual murderer or those involved will tell lies when you interview them. Remember that this is a fairly true to life homicide scenario, which is why a Murder Squad event is unique. There will be no fancy dress or people dropping dead in their dinner at the table, instead you will take part in exciting, authentic police-work.

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